Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Postcard Challenge!

I took part in an Earth Day postcard challenge at http://www.greenpostcardchallenge.blogspot.com . The challenge was to create a postcard for Earth Day using only recycled materials and materials already in your stash. There had to be some fiber in it. Here is my entry and the explanation that I posted to that blog. Check out the others at the above link!

I wanted my postcard to not only be from recycled materials but to present visually an Earth Day theme, so I chose Please Recycle! Litter is very harmful to wildlife. Birds and fish have been killed by eating or getting trapped in litter. The gray fish body was made from a scrap from a 3D project and was already quilted in a circular pattern that looked to me like fish scales (sort of). The fins, tail, sequin around the eye, pop top and Please Recycle logo as well as the vertical pieces behind the fish are from a Diet Coke can that I cut up and stitched onto the project. The Timtex postcard base was left over from a previous postcard project. The background is cut from a sheer that I used to mop up all my leftover paint in a painting workshop. The sand is a scrap from a strip pieced quilt project years old. The hook is a Christmas tree ornament hook. (Funny story--I was looking for a leftover hook--usually they turn up all over the house for months after the holidays. Could not find a one, thought I was going to have to dig out the Christmas decorations. I bumped a pile of fabric on a table in the sewing "studio" when an ornament that was behind the fabric fell to the floor, hook attached!) Beads and thread were in my stash.

This was a great challenge. I had never sewed aluminum from a can into a project before, though I had read about it. I had shears for cutting metal already, and the can cut up quite easily. Now I'm thinking of new projects and ways to use metal from the cans.
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