Monday, January 11, 2010

Dreaming Down Under

Here's a snap (sorry it's not the greatest) of my "Dreaming Down Under" (c) 2007 that is in Myrah Green Brown's Pieced Symbols: Quilt Blocks from the Global Village. It uses Myrah's foundation pieced patterns in a quilt of my own arrangement.

On the QuiltArt email list, Myrah asked for volunteers to make quilts from her patterns. Intrigued by her concept of global symbols, I volunteered! I had fun working with Myrah's patterns. I enlarged the two figures in the center so that they would be appropriately sized with three each of the other two Australian symbols she assigned me, and extended the hair into the borders. The fabrics are mostly Indonesian batiks, but there are a couple of commercial fabrics, one of which is visible in the detail shot, which were designed by Aboriginal artists.

Thanks to Myrah for letting me be part of her project and for creating such a great book!

(Foundation piecing is still not my favorite way to make quilts, though there are times when it is the best way to get the effect I want!)
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Lorri Lee Chambers said...

I really like your work and love the look of this piece.

I am the NC rep for SAQA and was checking membership tonight when I saw your address I grew up on Pole Road in the house next to the park land. they just tore down our house last year to build a monster house in its place.

I wish I had known you when I lived up there...but I moved to the Outer Banks of NC in 1999.

Hope to meet someday.

My mom still loves up there so come up once in awhile